Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sharmrock 4 Miler, CLT Recap 3.15.08

I went to the south side of Charlotte to run the Run For Your Life Shamrock 4 miler. This was the first event in the Run For Your Life Grand Prix Series.

I was only 2 weeks removed from running a marathon but I wanted to support the TrySports Team and their efforts.

From the start I was trailing most of the team. I caught up to Matt Yost and we paced each other. We then caught Brian and another runner. We passed them around 2 miles.

At 3 1/2 miles Brian, the other runner, and Matt really picked up the pace. My legs were still heavy from the marathon so I didn't have anything to push.

They ended up racing to the finish just 10 seconds in front of me. At least I had a really good seat to watch them race to the finish.

I picked up the masters award for a decent effort. I guess I am never satisfied. I always believe that I can run faster.

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