Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CTTC Summer Track Series 1 mi 6.10.08

CTTC held their 2nd track meet of the 4 week track meet series last night. I was back and looking to run the mile again.

As I was driving over, I noticed a bill board that displayed the current temperature. It was 98 degress. Stepping out of my car I felt like I was in a presure cooker. Barely any wind was blowing and the heat just seemed to be bubbling up from the asphalt.

This week the CTTC switched the meet location. We would be running on the track at Myers Park High School. I had never been to the Myers Park High School but I had run past it several times during the spring corporate cup 1/2 marathon.

The track has a rubber surface and was nicer than the track at AG Middle school.

Gathering at the track, TrySports had a huge group out last night. Brian, Chris, Cody, Stan, and my self. All of us were expecting to run the mile. In the first mile Cody paced Chris for two laps with even splits. Chris would go on to post a 4:27 mile. In the 2nd heat Cody would run a 4:56 solo effort.

Brian came through with a 4:42 time. Stan is improving by leaps and bounds with a 5:13.

For my self, I met my goal. I broke 5 minutes with a 4:59.4 by my watch.

Later Brian, Cody, Chris, and Stan ran the 2 mile. Cody ran 10:31. Brian ran 10:49. Stan ran 11:32.

My splits were

Split - - Max/Avg BPM
1:13.0 - - 171/145
1:14.3 - 2:27.3 - 173/172
1:15.9 - 3:43.2 - 173/172
1:16.2 - 4:59.4 - 175/174

My last 1/2 mile was slower than the first 1/2 mile. I was a few seconds behind Brian after the 1st lap but I didn't try to close the distance and stay with him. By the end of the 2nd lap, Brian had gapped me by several seconds so I didn't have anyone to pull me along over the last half mile. I guess having everyone spread out even thou we were running on the track was my issue.
I need to work on my closing my races faster.

Next week, I am running a 5k on the track at Marvin Ridge High School. It is under the light and starts about 8:1o PM.

Heading into that race, I am going to focus on running a sub 17 minute 5k.

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