Monday, October 11, 2010

8 x 1 min hills this morning

I have not posted my 6 week marathon training plan yet but here's a brief tip of the ice berg. My schedule called for 8 x 1 minute hills this morning and I was thinking about where to run them. Then Megan dropped me an email last night to see if I was interested in 12 this morning at McAlpine this morning.

Yeah, I responded but I had to do 8 x 1 minute surges. Although, I may have forgotten to include in my email that those were 8 x 1 minute surges on a hill. Never the less, Megan decided to join me for a few of them even thou she was still sore from here weekend trail race – by the way – congrads on your win Megan.

The repeats went pretty well. My legs are still tender from the Marathon – especially my right hamstring and calf. This just gives me another reason to ice them down.

All totaled, we, well, I completed 12 miles. Megan finished off another mile.

It seems to me that she is rounding into pretty good running shape. The rest of the ladies around Charlotte had better watch out.


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