Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 mile tempo during a 14 mile run

Saturday morning Caitlin, Mike, and I met up at Mc Alpine Greenway for a few miles with a 5 mile tempo thrown in the middle. Well, Mike and I did this workout. Caitlin opted for something slightly shorter: an 11 mile run with a 4 mile tempo.

Our warm up consisted of 5 miles before starting the tempo. To avoid making a U-turn on the course, initially we headed toward Old Bell and took one of the back loops before heading back and finishing along the 1st mile of the Mc Alpine greenway 5k.

My plan which I shared with everyone was to do a progressive tempo starting at 6:50. Being just two weeks past Twin Cities, my body doesn't need or want too much stress.

So what happened?

Well, we hit the first mile in about 6:16 and then we proceeded to churn through the next 2 miles. Caitlin pushed slightly to the front since she was finishing at 4 miles. This did little to slow the pace as we went through the next mile in 6:01. From this point, it was just Mike and me. For some reason, the pace felt like we were slowing down. No idea why it felt this way.

But then, my Garmin flashed the alert mile split: 5:58.

Oh, well, my progressive tempo turned into a much faster workout.

However, it was good still good. Having Caitlin and Mike come out for the workout gave me that much needed support that I would have otherwise been missing.

And, isn't this the type of thing that runner do for one another.



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