Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weather Forecast

We are just about in the 10 day window where we can get some idea of what the weather will be like for our upcoming Myrtle Beach Marathon.

Based on the 10 day outlook from Weather Channel the temps appear to be averaging around 50 during the day and just above freezing at night.

With the start time slated for 6:30 AM, I will prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

I will probably pickup a cheap gloves at the Expo to wear for the 1st 10 miles of the race and take a shirt that I can throw off after the 1st couple of miles into the race. Typically, I wear the gloves longer than the shirt just because I don't like my hands being cold.

Now something that is worse than the cold – the wind. The projected wind conditions are for NNW wind at 7mph so if I am using my compass correctly, this should slight head wind (coming toward the runners left shoulders) between miles 7 and 19. And, it would possibly give us a modest tail from 19-through about 25.

Before settling on my final race apparel, I will have to feel out the conditions on race morning. I could be tempted to wear my arm sleeves because over a 3 hour span of time, the wind can make in a warm day feel cold.

I will be posting weather updates several times over the 10 days to keep everyone up to date on the conditions.


Weatherman a.k.a Cool Down Runner.


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