Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Longevity of Runners

During my run this morning something crossed my mind that I hadn't thought about before today.

If I run a sub 2:40 marathon next week, then I will have run a sub 2:40 marathon in 3 different decades.

Which raised the question in my mind, has anyone else run 2:40 or below across more than two decade? And they have how many decades? With so many people running around the world surely someone has run that fast and for that long.

But it is an interesting question because in order to run that fast that long, it would require a comment to running over a long period of time and the ability to avoid injuries like the plague.

If anyone reading this post and knows of someone that has run a 2:40 across two more decade, post a comment or send me an email.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner


Timothy said...

I know at least 8-10 that have accomplished this feat. And it is truly a feat and shows massive dedication and hard work.

Two that jump out in my mind are: One that has 3 decades of sub 2:22 (and soon to be 4 decades), and another that has 4 decades covered in sub 2:35.

The 8 or so others that I know are in your boat... 3 decades with sub 2:40s.


JoKin said...

i would assume this guy has done it too: