Saturday, September 19, 2009

The economy is really affecting runners in a BAD way

During 22 miles, you can really run through a lot of topics and this morning was no different. By the way, full credit for this content should be to Peter Browne.

But to continue, somewhere around 12 miles, Peter needed to make a nature call. This is something that is typical among runners. Our digestive systems and running sometime get crossed and causes a mid run emergency.

In recent years the Huntersville area boomed with construction and you would expect there to be a multitude of porta-jons available.

But our search continued in vain, so about this time in the run, Peter presented his theory to us.

As the economy turn downward, construction was on the decline which meant that there would be fewer porta-jons available for runners in need of emergency assistance mid-run.

Honestly, when I stopped l laughing at Peter's theory, I had to agree with Peter's theory.

The down turn in the economy was hurting runners in a bad way. With fewer porta-jons available what were distressed runners to do.

I don't remember Peter having an answer to this question, but it was about that time, we stumbled across a construction site and fortunately, Peter was able to find the venue that he had been so desperately searching.

Let's all continue to have confidence that the stimulus plan will spur the economy and thus construction sites with porta-jon. Nothing hurts more than being in need and unable to find relief.


Tails from road. J

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