Sunday, September 13, 2009

86 miles running and 209 riding for the week

With Monday's Pedal the Park ride jump starting my week, I never looked back. After tallying the totals on AthletiCore, my miles totals were 86 miles of running and 209.7 miles of riding.

This includes 3 trail runs of 21 miles, 4 miles in hill repeats, 10 miles of tempo running, and 34 miles in long runs. The remainder of the miles was recovery and easy miles to keep the legs from getting too tight.

As you already know, Monday was 60+ mile ride. This was followed by Tuesday and Wednesday of 30+ miles. Thursday and Friday were 20+ miles and then Sunday (today) was 42 miles.

All told, I spent 21.39 hours working out this week. It really speaks to running and biking becoming a 2nd job in my life.

-btw the 209 miles biking was my highest total yet.

Next week, I am on the road traveling for work so it doesn't look great for getting in my regular workouts. But then the new doesn't start for a few more hours, we will just have to wait and see.

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Big Baller said...

That's a lot Bill, for some reason, I have a surge of motivation to get the door and get some long runs in...i have to remind myself the goal is next weekend, time to keep it easy! Kudo's to all of the riding, i have never came close to 200 miles on the bike.