Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2XU Compression Race Socks – Take 2

Saturday morning at Hit the Brixx, my 2XU Compress Race Socks went through their 2nd round of testing.

During the initial testing at Midnight Flight 10k, they didn't perform as expected. About 2 miles into the race, they started slipping down my calves. They never reached my ankles but they did slide about half way down my calves.

Going into Saturday race, many suggestions were provided from other runners about how to prevent this issue and each taken into account during my race prep.

The socks were worn during the warm up and given a nice tug up over the calves just before the start.

Then, the race started.

By two miles, the socks had ridden down my calves. To the point, they were not providing much if any support.

For the 10k, the sleeves did not affect much of my performance, but their performance did sway my decision for the OBX marathon.

The 2XU racing socks are out and the traditional calf sleeves are back in.

Not sure what will happen to them now. They were bought based on the idea that they would become my standard race sock. Now, it looks like they will find their way to the bottom of my running sock drawer.

Moral of the story, always, always test out your gear before race day.


Anonymous said...

I use a pair of compression socks after long runs and races....I even sleep in them the night after, even sometimes the night before. I have noticed a nice difference in my recovery. Especially after long runs - ice bath, hot shower, comp socks all day and night!!! Don't put them in the bottom of your drawer!!

Bob Heck

Timothy said...

Bill, if you prefer a sock over the sleeve, the Zensah socks are remarkable. Best compression product I've tried... and I've tried plenty.


Cool Down Runner said...

Thanks for the tip, Tim.

I will check them. I still believe the compress socks would be better than the sleeve because the encompass the entire calf and foot. Thus, they would allow for better blood flow back to the heart.


Definitely, haven't given up on them. But I will just have to look for a different sock.