Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2XU Racing Socks - Review

The week before my races in Anderson, SC I dropped by TrySports for visit.

Typical of most visits I end up buying something. This time I picked up a pair of the 2XU racing socks.

Mike Beigay has picked up similar pair of compression socks although a different brand and had been wearing them during his long runs. Based on our conversations, he appeared to like his socks.

Since I bought the racing socks, I wanted to try them out under race conditions. The 10k race at Anderson, SC would be the ideal place for this initial test.

Not knowing which size would fit best, I tried on several different sizes going from large to small. And finally I settled on the smalls. The larges felt loose and the mediums just didn’t have the snug fit that I like.

After just running the 5k, I went back to my car and switched both shoes and socks. I pulled on my Mizuno Rorins and pulled on my 2XU racing socks.

I did another mile or so to stay loose between races and followed this with some strides right before the start.

Normally, I wear Throlo socks during my races because I like their feel. But with the switch to the thinner 2xU racing socks, I suddenly had more room in my racing flats. This forced me to retie the laces so that my foot would not slip around while running.

Heading out during the race, I noticed after a few miles the 2XU socks started to ride down my calves. Being in the middle of race, there was no time to reach down and tug them up. The only thing to do was keep running.

Checking out the socks after crossing the finish line, they had ridden over half way down my calves. This left a question mark in mind. What would they do if I had been running 26 miles? How far would the socks slide down?

Now, I have been told that they tend to slide down until you get a sweat started, but I have a counter to that theory. I put the socks on after running a 5k, so I had a pretty good sweat started even before I put on the socks.

In only one marathon have I not worn compress calf sleeves and I have a strong believe that they have help me race better. I like the idea of have the compress over the entire calf and foot during the race but if the socks rides down over the calf then I am losing some of the benefit that I am counting on to help me race better.

Therefore, I have scheduled a 2nd round of testing this weekend. The Brixx 10k will provide me with a 2nd opportunity to race with the socks. If they continue to ride down over the calf, I switch back to the older calf sleeve that I have used in prevous races.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Anonymous said...


Just wear them during your w/u jog and when they slide down a couple of times (they will), pull them back up tight and close to the knee cap. As your body warms up and your legs get sweaty the socks will stay in place. It normally takes me two good pulls over two miles or so to get my compression socks to stay in place...

- Nathan

Cool Down Runner said...

Good suggestion, it just goes contary to my normal warm up.

I usually switch socks when I put on my racing flats.