Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Bike is coming today

Finally, after riding my Mt. bike for the last year, I broke down and bought a road back. It is arriving today and I cannot wait until I can take it for spin.

For a long time, I didn't have a bike. I ran all the time and cross training just wasn't part of my program. Then, a few years ago, I was given a Mt. bike. I only used it to ride through the neighborhood with my daughters in the evening. The rest of the time, it collected dust in my garage. Pretty much, I suspect this is like most people.

Last summer, I pulled it out and road about 6 miles one evening. A few days later, I road it again this time I went for 10 miles. Something was different about these rides. Suddenly, riding the bike seemed to be a lot more enjoyable. I still cannot figure out why but then some things are just not that important to figure out. Throughout the rest of the summer, fall, and winter I kept pulling out my Mt. bike for ride after ride. Some days, it was so cold that my hands went numb. Then, there was the time that I got caught in the snow.

Then, there was the warm spring evening at Huntersville Business Park. I watched as probably 100 cyclist rode loops around the park. That day, I decided it was time to move over.

I'll keep my Mt. bike but after today, my future spins will be on my new road bike.

Next goal, I want to add an indoor trainer. Hopefully, I add it before the cold weather arrives in the fall.

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