Friday, July 3, 2009

The Extreme Ladder Workout– “Run Your Legs Off”

What is the Extreme Ladder Workout – you might ask? Well, let me explain. For the last couple of years, we have been kicking around the idea to have a multi-race track event. There are other similar types of events, but there is not anything here in Charlotte.

Our idea, as it stands to today, is to have a 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 races. Basically, with each race being a step in the ladder and difficulty comes as the races get longer. That is why we are calling the Extreme Ladder Workout. And by the end, you just might feel like your legs are going fall off. The winner would be the person with the lowest cumulative time with assumption that you had to run all six races. We are looking at potential dates and would like to choose something either late in August or early September. As to the cost, we were thinking potentially $5.00. We wanted to keep the cost low – probably no shirt and have some simple awards. The thing that might throw a monkey wrench into the works is the number of people wanting to run. The more people you have then more heats need to be run. We would want to finish by dark. J

Anyone have any suggestion or thoughts on it, let me know.


Timothy said...

Bill, I think this would be something cool to setup, as I have heard / seen events like this before. As you noted, it would have to be done low-key at first... but I think those involved would have a great time and an opportunity at a fantastic 'workout'.

Just curious, what amount of rest interval would you propose during each event?

Cool Down Runner said...

Judging from the other events I would guess between 10 and 20 minutes. It all depends on the number people entered

Being this would a first time (organizing wise) for most of us to do something like this, I would prefer to keep it small and produce a quality event.

Anonymous said...

What about using some type of escalator on times for the shorter races in order to keep people from dogging the sprints where they can't lose much time and saving themselves for the longer races.

You can make it so each event is worth the same amount in theory.

100 time x 40
200 time x 20
400 time x 9
800 time x 4
1500 time x 2
3000 time x 1

So the total time event if roughly comparable. Then the best all around runner wins.

Just a thought anyways.

So if you run a 100 in 13, the 200 in 26, the 400 in 57, the 800 in 2:06, the 1500 in 4:15 and the 3000 in 9:00 you would get:

13 x 40 = 8:40
26 x 20 = 8:40
57 x 9 = 8:33
2:06 x 4 = 8:24
4:15 x 2 = 8:30
9:00 x 1 = 9:00

Total Time: 51:47

Cool Down Runner said...

"Escalator on times" that is an excellent idea.

If I get this thing pushed through, we use it. :)