Friday, July 31, 2009

He doesn’t bit

I don't know how many times that I have been out running either on the roads or the trails and came upon a dog out with its owner. The first thing out of the owner's mouth was "he doesn't bit".

Now, he may believe it and it may be true, but does he really expect me to believe it.

I mean I am out running and minding my business. Then out of nowhere, I see a dog bolting at me. The first thought racing through my mind is not "he doesn't bit", it is more like what should I do. Usually, running is the worst thing to do because it just insights the dog to chase you further. Typically, I just stand my ground and give the owner one of those looks when he or she arrives to drag their dog away.

Most of these situations occur because the owner either doesn't have their dog on a leash or they have a leash that seems like it is 300 ft long. It seems like some dog owners don't understand what it means to keep their pets under control.

To bring this to point, I was running out of my development yesterday and this lady was walking her Pit-bull. I say walking in "jest" because it looked more like she trying to hold back a tractor and trailer. The dog was literally dragging her along. You cannot tell me that walking a dog like this is really any fun.

I could see her from a ¼ mile away and definitely she could see me. Not once did she pull in her dog and as I was passing by he dove at me. She was holding him back with all her might. She was like "he doesn't bit" and apologized but hey, this situation should never have occurred. I cannot image this was the first time her dog did this type of thing.

I know owners love their dogs and enjoy taking them for walks. I respect their right to do so. However, I have rights as well and expect these dog owners to maintain control over their pets such that their dogs don't endangers others – especially us runners.

Please dog owners keep your pets on a leash and keep the leash short when other people around you.


Concerned Runners



Anonymous said...

After 30+ years of running I have more stories about dogs and their owners than I think anyone could really believe. I have been attacked numerous times, once I was actually bit as the owner was in the process of saying "don't worry he doesn't bite".

I like dogs as much about anyone but I am not so crazy about dog owners who do not have respect for others or their dogs by not maintaining control. It dangerous for us runners and for their dogs.

Lately I've had trouble with owners of herding breed dogs letting them run loose and then telling me that "he just wants to run with you, he's a herding breed, thats what they do." As a owner of a herding dog for 16 yrs I can tell you that herding breed herd animals by running along side then nipping at the animal (or runner) to get herd them were they want them to go. It's not the dogs fault, its how they were bread. So while some owners think that its Ok to let these herding breeds run free, they are actually the most likley dogs to nip at you and break the skin or trip you.

Mark H.

Cool Down Runner said...

We have to go for a run sometime, I would love to hear some your dog stories.