Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stress is inversely proportional to the distance from your event

As was I was setting at work yesterday and stressing out over how I was going to solve this problem, the thought occurred to me that this is so similar to my training plan for my major races.

During my day light hours I spend my time helping people write and debug software. The closer we get to putting something in production, the more everyone's stress levels go up.

The same scenario occurs in my training plans. Weeks and Months out from my key race, the runs are easy.

With each passing days the workouts get either a little harder or longer which increase the stress on our bodies.

Thus the relationship between stress and distance from the big event is inversely proportional.

-btw – These stresses are not the same. Life stresses usually have a negative impact on the body while running stresses can be good for the body. At least up to a point. J


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