Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miner’s Run

I have really been a bad support crew lately by not getting out for the Tuesday morning Miner's run. The only reason that I can give is that I really needed the extra sleep.

So while I could have used the extra sleep this morning, I pushed out bed any way.

It was really hard. My alarm went off at 4:01 AM. I turned it off and laid there for a few minutes. Pondering the options was tough – should I go or sleep in.

Luckily, I opted for running because I had good time. Paul, Steve, Mike, and Megan were out this morning.

I ran about 7+ miles with the group before peeling off to run the last 8 miles of my 16 miler alone. The dirt feels so much better to my tired legs than the concrete and asphalt.

I finished as Megan and Mike were pulling out.

Finished but not finished, I still had Tabata workout on the agenda. And while it was plenty tough to make happen, I still did it.

Sometimes, it is the mental strength that pulls us through when our tired bodies are telling us no more – time to quit.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner.

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Stephen Spada said...

Very much enjoyed having you out this morning...thanks for makin' it!