Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Eve of the Duathlon Nationals

I hit Richmond just in time to see some of the Off Road Duathlon race. I have to say that it was very interesting. You can watch a lot of video on YouTube but watching something live gives you a whole other feeling.

I was paying particular attention to how people went about their transition from run to bike and then back. Some people stood. Others would set down. Some put on their shoes while other clipped their shoes to their pedals.

The speed with which people exited the transition area seemed to have to do more with their sense of urgency.

Most people seemed to be just taking their time. I even saw one guy eating a banana.

I stay with what I have been practicing and try to limit some of the mistakes that I made the first time.

Currently, they are calling for rain and a temperature of 62 around my start time. This leaves me trying to figure out what to wear and how much cold weather that I can stand on the bike.

Oh, before I forget I will take a picture of my bike tomorrow morning. You have to see how I wrapped it so it doesn't get wet tonight.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner.

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