Thursday, December 13, 2012

TrySports Rea Rd. Store Customer Party

This is turning out to be quite a busy week for me. Tuesday night, we had our TrySports Ambassador Social. Last night, I dropped by the TrySports Rae Rd. store for their customer appreciation party.

Walking in the door last night, I spotted Rob and Cody talking to customers. The thought crossed my mind has it really been over 5 years since I met the both of them and got connected up with TrySports.

I ran a 5k race in Belmont some 5+ years ago and spent most of the race battling this kid before pulling away for the win. I say kid, but Cody was in his 20s at the time. We talked after the race. Later we did some runs together, and soon I had a TrySports running-Tec shirt to wear around at the races. Since then, I have been a loyal customer of TrySports and they given me few singlets to wear during my races over the years.

The party was in full swing last night. People were shopping and enjoying a nice spread of food, water, and wine. Jinnie, Jeremy,

Andre, Robbie, and Cody were organizing a raffle drawing. I walked away with a pair of very "Defeet" socks. But mostly, I got to catch up with the store employees and some of the customers that I knew. And, I met a few new ones.

The evening was marked by Andre presenting the store with a signed jersey from the cycling team for all of the store's support. Andre reviewed the individual race wins by the team, the

championships won, and the over results for the entire team. The jersey will hang in the Rea Rd which is where the cycling team was founded.

Around 8 pm, the evening started to wind down and I made my way slowly to the door. Tomorrow is another day and runners need to rest and recover before they attempt another workout.

TrySports customer appreciate events take on a different flavor than most of the other big stores that hold these types of events. The TrySports events leave the customer feeling like they are part of the family and that's a feeling people really like and it keeps them coming back.


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