Friday, December 7, 2012

Hitting the dirt

I am making my way along a rocky trail this morning and minding my business today at Latta Plantation. Words are coming out of my mouth and my ears are picking up the reply part of the conversation. Suddenly, my brain registers that my foot is meeting a resistance and making the next stride impossible to take. The next moment, the view ahead is changed to a view of the ground in front of me. My palms have gone totally numb, my elbow hurts, my shoulder and back recoil from being slammed into the ground. My right knee hurts.

Laying there for a second, I am trying to make sense of what just happen. Slowly, I push myself up to me knees. Then, I push back on to me feet. My palms are stringing something awful. I hesitate to pull back my gloves for fear of seeing the skin being peeled back.

I risk it.

On closer examination, my palms looks like I have just run a wire brush over them but that's all. There is no blood spraying out. My elbow is a different matter. Even thou, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt; I lose a nice patch of skin. My knee faired pretty well. There were some small abrasions but nothing deep and no major blood lost.

Most of the impact when into my elbow and up through my shoulder and back. My shoulder is aching pretty badly and my back already has some soreness starting to settle into it.

What else can I expect? I am a guy. We "men" all should know better than trying to do 2 things at the same time. I was trying to do 3 things: talk, listen, and run. Note to self – just run.


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