Monday, December 10, 2012

Training during the holidays

Always, this time of year I really struggle with my training. After some 48 years of living and 31 years of running, shouldn't I have figured it out by now? Well, I am here to tell you that I haven't. Maybe this is just one struggle that I am doomed to repeat forever because I have never found a good solution for it.

This struggle stems from two very good reasons.

The first goes to just training. For the last 11 months I have pounded the pavement, planked, cored, stretched, lifted, and raced until my muscles "cried" uncle. Seriously, my muscles are ready for a break. They definitely deserve it. But the problem isn't limited to just the muscles in my arms, legs, and back, the muscle between my ears and behind my eyes also needs a rest. It may have been taxed even more than the one's in my arms and legs. It has kept me going when by all other accounts, I should have stopped. Shouldn't December be the month that it gets a chance to bounce back?

The second reason goes to just the holiday day season. There is just so much going on in our lives. We are traveling to see family and friends. We are shopping and chasing after that last perfect gift. We are going to holiday parties. And we are around good food. Really, we are around so much good food. A hungry athlete sometimes just cannot help himself. Maybe it is after the 2nd or 3rd plate that my brain finally says enough regular food and what's for desert. I mean – doesn't every meal need to be chased down like a slowing running in the last mile with some fantastic deserted prepared by an aunt or grandmother. You know the one that you grow up loving when she came over with a pie or cake in her hand. Oh, and don't forget the aroma created by those fresh made soft rolls. My mouth is watering just setting here typing this post. I am ready to go eat now.

I am sure you seen the logo "Life is Good" on hats and shirts. This is exactly what it means. How can anyone think they shouldn't eat more than they need or even want? This is the time when it just so hard to say "no".

Especially, when your Grandmother keeps saying that you look so thin, are you eating enough? She follows her comment with the largest piece of pumpkin piece that you have ever seen. And, you savor ever bite as it goes down. After all, you need to keep your Grandmother happy. Right?

Next post, I talk about some of the things that I have tried to get me through the toughest month of the year December.


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