Friday, December 28, 2012

TrySports Ambassador Team year in review

If someone had told me in '07 when I joined on to the TrySports Ambassador team, I would still be on the team 5 years later, I would have said no way. Before '07, I had never been affiliated with any running store in Charlotte. I raced where I wanted and shopped where I wanted.

Today, people recognize me more by the orange and black singlets or Try-Tops than anything else. I have worn the store colors all over the state of North Carolina and quite a few other states.

During these past 5 years, I have come to know many of the runners that have stayed on our Ambassador team from year to year and the store employees that make up the TrySports family. Maybe I am reading too much into it but I like to think that our TrySports Ambassador team is part of the TrySports employee's extended family.

Each year our Ambassador team has become a little more ambitious and this year, I feel comfortable saying was one of our best years ever.

Our team members won races and placed well in many events throughout this year. Our cycling team became an organized force this year not only on the roads but on the trails and on the track. Our Try-Team took the swimming, cycling, and running to a level not previously seen at TrySports. They raced events from local Trys to the most well known races of all the Ironman – Kona.

But our Running Team is the one that I am very proud to say out shined any of our previous year's running teams. We put together socials for the entire team. We created a team for the Palmetto Relay and finished 2nd overall to yet another TrySports team from Raleigh. We organized a water stop for the Charlotte's only 10 mile and 4 mile race. Our running team shared their enthusiasm and energy by volunteering to help Judy and her team captains by running with their boys running club. Our team members have run with Meredith's Running Works program and came out to support Meredith's efforts with the Monster Dash 5k. Our team ran road races, trail races, and track races. We lent members out so they could run relays in other states. We won team awards at the Charleston Distance Run and the Big South 5k. Our members raced everything from a ¼ mile to a 100 or more miles. We created our team ambassador news letter so other members of our team could stay abreast of team wide race results.

The best description that I heard anyone say about our team was "Hey, we knew you guys were here".

This speaks volumes in my opinion.

While our ambassador team remains a humble group of individuals, our silence illustrates strength because our actions do the talking for us.

Congratulations to our TrySports Ambassador team on a fantastic '12 year. You set goals. You worked toward them and you showed that hard work does pay off.

With '13 arriving in a few days, our Ambassador team members will once again be training themselves to reach their lofty goals. "Believe Achieve"


Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner – TrySports Ambassador since '07




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