Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Status Update

Man, the month of December has been a blur. Between work, Christmas Parities, Running Club Activities, running, and some other stuff, I have been "running" none stop so far this month.

A lot of this stuff, I probably don't need to do, but I do – do it. For two reasons, I feel it needs to be done and I feel like I need to set the example when it comes to stepping up.

For instance, now that I accepted the role as CRC president, I feel like I need to pay attention to every detail. Our club has its 8k race in a little more than 5 weeks. For a non-paying job, the CRC BOD members have been putting in a "yeomen" work schedule.

You wouldn't believe the amount of different tasks that go into making a race happen.

In the past, I'd always viewed the race from the other side of the fence – as a competitor. When I flipped over to the directing side of the race, I quickly realize why "Advil" is the pain relief of race directors everywhere.

Race director try to have everything right and still someone is going to find a criticism for their efforts.

Putting in all this time really makes me appreciate how well most race directors handle the stress. My guess is probably 95% of all race directors and their race committees are all volunteers. They do it because they love it and they want to make it happen. If they didn't, then most likely the race would either not happen or cease to exist.

Next time a race doesn't go to my liking, I think I will count to 10 and just let it go. There no need for me to pile on to the race directors mountain of concerns.


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The Cool Down Runner

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