Sunday, December 16, 2012

First 20 miler of the month

Got a "txt" message asking if I was interested in running at the WWC on Saturday morning. I could have run 20 miles solo but why do that.

Time always pass faster when the company is nice.

Saturday morning, Val, Megan, Dan, Kent, and Mike B. joined me to hit these trails at White Water Center.

We started with the Lake loop and I got nothing but grief from Dan. LOL. Either I was running to slow or I was running to fast. For a while, I thought maybe I was running with Goldilocks. He couldn't get his porridge just right.

Next, we did the loop down by the rapids and back to the parking lot. Then, we did another loop of the Lake loop. Mike, Val, and I did another loop of the rapid trail.

The last 40 minutes, I was solo and back on the Lake trail on more time. I figure stick with it because my legs were starting to tire and I didn't want to risk a fall.

This lake trail was added back in the summer and is pretty nice. A few roots, but overall, the trail lets the runners hold a pretty good pace.

As I was finishing I noticed there is also a north trail. I have no idea what it is like, but next time I run at the WWC, this will be my first trail to hit.


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