Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running for President

Some people may think this post is stupid, but sometimes, we see parables where none may have existed before.

In a recent email, I expressed my interest in running for the President's position in the Charlotte Running Club. Now, this position doesn't come with the same type of perks as that other Presidential position has. Yes, there is no car, no plane, no helicopter, no staff of people waiting on you hand and foot, and most definitely no big white house.

There is also the perception of the Presidential role which often left me wondering why any person would want to be President. Why anyone would want to step in the limelight. Like I said above the perks for that role are kind of nice but the headache that comes with it should also come with an unlimited supply of Advil. Not to mention how many people telling you that you are terrible at your job.

Experience has taught me that everyone has their own opinion and at some point along the road of life, someone will disagree with you.

The primary reason behind my seeking of the CRC Presidential role is leadership. The easy road through life is to watch and let others do the heavy lifting. Leaders lead by example and thereby set the yard stick that others measure themselves.

One of my big sayings when it comes to the Charlotte Running Club is for the Club to be successful, members of the club need to be actively involved. They need to be involved in community activities, board functions, group runs, socials, races, etc,. I cannot say something like this unless I really mean it. I need to step up and do my part.

Our two previous Charlotte Running Club presidents have nurtured our club from its infancy to where it is day. Should I be elected to the role, I hope my example would forge another strong link in the club's history.


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