Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cresting a hill

Finishing up one of my hill repeats on Tuesday reminded me of a good strategy to use during my next race. Maybe I shouldn't share these strategies but then again, a good idea should be shared.

Here's the race scenario.

You are running along with either someone right behind or right beside you. This nice long hill looms in front of both of you. You body is already straining from the effort and this looming hill will not do anything to alleviate the strain.

You push into the hill. Your legs grow heavier and your breathing becomes even more labored if this is possible. You pump your arms to gain every bit of extra drive possible. The guy right behind you is working equally hard and keeping pace with you.

The crest of the hill is just in sight and you know a momentary spot of relief is coming.

Finally, you start to crest over the hill. The thought resonating in your brain tells you to ease back even if it is just for a second.

DON'T. I repeat DON'T. Run through the crest of the hill with the same effort that you used going up the hill.

Nothing can be more demoralizing to another racer than seeing a fellow competitor crest a hill then surge down it. Just the thought alone can leave him defeated and possibly leave him willing to give up the chase. He then settles for running to the finish.

Now, when I run my hill repeats, I push through the top. I practice doing just what I said. Then, during a race my brain and body are tuned to do the same thing – push through the crest of a hill.


Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner



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