Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starting Over

Today, I thought the title "Starting Over" was very much appropriate. On December 1st, my next training cycles started. This reminds me of when I was in high school. After spending the summer of letting my mind drift, the returning to the class room pushed my brain to a place it didn't want to go. My brain would continue to fight me for the first couple of weeks until the new routine became common place.

Post OBX, partly my mind but mostly my body has enjoyed the lack of long runs and tough workouts. I was still going out the door for runs and even did a few races, but as far as anything stressful, I was skipping it.

There was no swimming. There was no resistance training. There were no form drills. There was only limited core work. Basically, this is what could be called a runner's vacation. Like any vacation, I was enjoying all of the foods that I omit from my diet during my training phases. And, they tasted good, but they also dump some extra pounds on me to carry around.

This mode only lasted three weeks, but when I returned to some more aggressive workouts on Saturday, I felt like I was running in sand. On a side note, I always like to start new cycles either on the beginning of a week or the beginning of a month. This is a strategy that I use to mentally separate different training periods.

Muscle soreness permeated my entire body. Not only was I looking like an old man, but I was also feeling like an old man.

As runners, we know that downtime is good the mind and the soul, but does it have to hurt so much when I return to a more active life style.

I wish not. I hoped not, but I know it will and is happening.

In two weeks, I will again be heads down into my training and have forgotten all about the struggles entering this new training cycle.


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