Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TrySports Ambassador Social

Last night at Encore off of Rea Rd in south Charlotte, our TrySports Ambassador team held our end of year social. For many of us, this was only the 2nd time that some of us had met each other.

Our TrySports Ambassador team is a diverse group which spans running, cycling, and triathlons. Because we are such a varied collection of athletes, most of us rarely race each other in the same races.

Getting to events like this give us an opportunity to catch up on what each other is doing but athletically and familywise.

Encore was great to us and gave us a back corner of their restaurant so we could hang out, talk, and eat. I made my rounds and tried to catch up with everyone. There were stories of the events we had completed this year and discussions about the race plans for the coming year. There was plenty of talk about the newest little TrySports Ambassadors that entered the world this year. Some talk of future little Ambassadors on their journey to join our team in the coming year.

We also welcomed back 2 long lost members back in to our fold. They were aboard for a few years: Cody and Janna. We also got a chance to see the newest "Angel" to be sent down to earth. She is cute and a sleeper. She slept right through the entire social.

Over the past year, I had been collecting pictures featuring various TrySports Ambassadors during either their events, runs, or just some training activity. I loaded all of those pictures on to my iPad and setup it up in slide show mode last night. The slide show was kind of a year in review.

There were pictures from our volunteer effort at the 10 miler in the spring. There were pictures of Mike K. and his kids and even a picture of Mike in his Ironman outfit. There were pictures from our efforts with Running Works. There were pictures from the long runs in the mountains. There were pictures of our cycling teams at the Team Time Trial at the speedway and during one of their races. There were pictures from triathlon team during their August half man. There were pictures from our Team win at the Big South 5k this fall. All told, I must have had 300 pictures.

Bringing out those pictures for everyone to see reminded us of our accomplishments by letting us look back and relive those fantastic moments.

The social lasted about 2 hours but before letting anyone slip away, I gave everyone a couple of "TrySports 5000" hand towels. Just a little memento they can use during their future training.

I saw many smiles and lots of laughter last night. My hope; everyone walked away having a good time and enjoyed catching up with their team mates.


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