Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bummed about my spring racing schedule

Ok, I thought I had my spring racing schedule pretty much figured out and then the dates of certain races just started falling on all the wrong dates.

Here was my plan.

I was looking to run the Winter Flight 8k and then the Idiot Run on successive weekends. Following the Idiot run, I would be doing an afternoon of volunteering at the CRC 8k on the 26th of January.

In past years, Winter Flight 8k has always been on the 3rd weekend of January. Everything was lining up very nicely. Then, I found out that the Winter Flight race had moved their race date to the 26th.

While it doesn't conflict with my volunteering with the CRC 8k, it does conflict with my planned trip to the top of Morrow Mt. in the predawn hours of the 26th.

I only momentarily entertained the idea of doing both. But running 20 miles and then driving to Salisbury and running 5 more miles, ah, yeah, probably not the best way of running a good 8k time. Thus, I quickly scratched that idea off the list.

I really wanted the combination of racing on the 19th and running the Idiot Run on the 26th so I was considering maybe running the North Myrtle Beach 15k. This is a race that has been on my bucket list for a number of years and is again typically run on the 3rd weekend in January.

Well, this isn't the case this year. They have pushed the 30th edition of this race back to the 26th. Being that it is Myrtle Beach and on the 26th, this ruled this one off the list immediately. There is no possible way of driving back to CLT for our CRC 8k race from Myrtle Beach when the 15k starts at 9am. I guess it stays on my bucket list for another year.

So now, I am stuck in limbo. There is no good road race that I am anxious to do on the 19th and I am left with trying to decide – do I run Winter Flight 8k or Idiot Run.

If there's a good road race on the 19th, let me know.


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