Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Run – Return of a Signature Run in Charlotte

A few weeks ago I wrote about the lack of signature runs in Charlotte. I guess that spawned some people to start thinking about it.

One of the runs that I called out in that blog was a run that Tim Long organized. His Thursday night run a few years was the place to be. I didn't realize it but while Tim has moved on from Charlotte, his run has continued.

Eimear has been leading this effort and contacted me after reading my blog about it.

The St. Patrick's Day Run starts behind the Charlotte Running Company's Dilworth Store at 6pm on 3/17/11. Assuming I don't get bogged down at work, my plan is to be at this run.

I am hoping others will join me for this evening run. It will be a great time to unwind after work and get a few good miles. Afterwards, there is talk of heading to Picassos for a little refueling.

See you there.


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Eimear said...

Thanks for this, Bill! The Charlotte Running Company has sent the information out in their weekly e-mail, and are promising you're going to run ... so now I'm afraid you're going to have to!

Cool Down said...
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Cool Down said...

Let's try this again.

I am all in for the run.

See you at 6pm.