Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corporate Cup ½ marathon

Saturday morning I headed to uptown Charlotte to watch the Corporate Cup ½ marathon and see a lot of my friends run. Funny thing as all ways, people gave me a hard time for not running because if I am at a race, I am usually running.

Wished a lot of people good luck and took up my spot down the street so I could take some pictures. A while back I got a new camera but it has hardly been out of box.

Checking out the race and taking lots of picture seemed like the ideal way to kill two birds with one stone.

From a few of the pictures, it was easy to see the newbie photographer in me. I cropped off a few heads, arms, and feet. A few times, I missed them all together.

Oh, well, I promise that I will be at other races and I promise next time that I will make up for any missed shots.

Let me change topics here.

Racing, I don't often get to watch other people run unless they are running close in front of me. Saturday, watching people run by I got to see all types of forms. Some of the forms were really good and a few looked really awkward even to the point, it looked a little painful.

I remember watching John Compton run by me on Morehead Street. He looked so smooth. No grimacing looks on his face, but just hard determination to get to the finish.

Mike B. and Mike K came rolling by me just a short time later. Both looked like they were working hard in a good way.

Tim Meigs came by me. He is Master's Runner from the Raleigh area. If I remember correctly, he ran something like 2:38 at Richmond last fall and is looking to crack the 2:40 barrier at Boston in a few weeks. Considering that he ran 1:15 on the Corporate Course, he is will on his way to meeting that goal.

All of them had pretty decent forms and that goes without saying. The faster that an individual runs the more likely they will have pretty decent form. But regardless of a runner's form, running a lot will take whatever form a runner has and make it as efficient as it will possible be. I am living proof.

To everyone else, congratulations on your corporate cup effort.

I have shared all of my pictures on facebook. Click here to see them: Part 1 and Part 2


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