Monday, May 3, 2010

Garmin too tired for 8 x 2m w/ 1m recovery

Scampering around this morning in an effort to beat the rain wasn't really working for me. The weatherman said the rain would arrive in Charlotte within the next two hours so I wanted to make my circles at Mc Alpine before trail became flooded.

However, my Garmin had other ideas. I don't know if it was the heat, the clouds, or my Garmin was just too tired from a weekend of racing. But it would not connect up to the Satellites.

Basically, I think it was trying to divert my attention from running because it kept asking me these dumb questions.

"Are you inside" – ah, no, I am standing in the parking lot at McAlpine. There is no "inside" in sight. LOL

"Are you more than 100 miles from home" – again, no. Maybe 20 miles at most. LOL

"Is the today May 3" – okay, I can say yes to this one.

Then, it went back to looking for the Satellites again.

Eventually, I just gave up and turned off the GPS mode. I have been to Mc Alpine enough that I could run 7 miles pretty close even in my sleep.

After moving on from the disagreement that my Garmin and I were having; I headed out for some running at Mc Alpine.

Following a 2 mile warm up, I kicked it into gear for 8 x 2 minutes with a 1 minute recovery. Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good. Well, after the first couple, they felt pretty good. It takes me a few intervals just get things up to speed. I finished things off with roughly 1.5 warm down.

I still don't understand what was up with my Garmin, but it better get rested up because Wednesday night, it has to go back to work again.

-btw I was getting into my car just as the rain started to fall. Maybe things are looking up for me.


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