Monday, May 12, 2014

Twilight 5k Recap

A long busy week for both work and CRC stuff kept me from thinking too much about the Twilight 5k last Friday night.

This was a probably a good thing for me. Otherwise, I would just over “think” it.

Ran a nice warm up over the course with Summor, Billy, and Paul. The new course has just two real turns on it. The first one was on Tremount, and the second was on back on to Tryon. Running over the course beforehand, I liked how it was laid out. Although, I did notice that it was slightly uphill going back toward the uptown.

The race was to start at 7 AM, but we all got a flash email saying the start would be delayed to 7:15. This was pushed back even further. I am guessing we started closer to 7:35.

Standing around is tough. My heart rate drops and my body starts to cool off. What am saying is – “I am finding it much tougher to go from 0 to 60 these days”.   

Finally, the cops loaded up their vehicles and Tim gave us the countdown to 0. Just before the start, I took one last glance over to see where Spada and Cory were standing. The start was quick. Cory moved over in front of me so I immediately made my way to his shoulder. At the Skyline 5k Cory jumped out fast. I felt like I had to work overtime to make up the difference. This time I wanted to stick much closer to him.

The entire first mile Cory would surge. Then, I would pull back the distance. Just after the mile, I started to pull ahead. I didn’t want to look back because I knew either he or Spada would be chasing hard. Making the turn on Tremount, Billy was right in front of me. Rather than worry about someone catching me, I wanted to run after Billy. I pulled even and then dropped back before we made the turn back on Tryon. I pulled even again with Billy but he surged back ahead. My legs were starting to struggle a bit. Billy is about 5 yards ahead of me. We cross over West Blvd. I hear people yelling. We cross over Morehead. This guy, who was mostly dressed in black, went flying past me and by Billy. Tim was setting in the middle of the road. Billy passes on one side while I pass on the other. My legs are building up with lactic acid. I know my done stamp is coming soon. The burning question, can I hold on?

Any second, I am half expecting either Spada or Cory to come sprinting by me. At three miles, I can now see finish line. I work to find another gear. The finish draws closer. I concentrate on Billy’s back and use him to “will” myself to sprint for the finish.

My Garmin reads 17:38 which is good for 5 overall and 1st Male Masters. Along with it Paul, Billy, and I came the open Men’s team award for TrySports.

Given what conditions could have been, the storms blowing through cooled the temperatures down a little but left most of us feeling moist and muggy race.

The age group awards were awesome. The flashing trophies are pretty unique. Everyone seem to want one including me.
Aside from the rain delay, it was a rather nice evening.


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