Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ladder workout at McAlpine

On Wednesday morning Megan and I headed out for a ladder workout on the McAlpine Greenway. With most of the park marked off in quarter mile intervals, McAlpine is an ideal location for running intervals when a local track is not handy.

Our workout the day was a descending ladder workout: Mile and quarter, Mile, ¾ of mile, Half Mile, and a quarter mile.  

Having spent a lot time walking around for the “All Around Miler” on Tuesday evening, my legs were feeling just a bit tired. I just hoped that it didn’t cause my workout to fall apart.

For the first interval, we headed toward Old Bell. 7:17 seconds later I was done. After a quarter mile recovery, we headed back on the mile repeat. This one was in 5:55. We did the ¾ mile interval through the shady sections of the course in 4:24. The change in temperature even in the early morning hours was fantastic. But at the same time, my legs were really feeling the fatigue. I finished the half in 2:56 and the quarter in 1:26. The lactic acid was pretty much overflowing inside my legs.

We finished with a mile and half cool down.

With all that I have going on this week, it felt good to just focus on running and let the rest of the world be external for a while.


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