Friday, May 16, 2014

400s @ PDS

My alarm clock was making so much noise Wednesday morning that my eye lids had little choice but to roll back. 3:31 is an usual hour to rise, but there was a purpose behind enduring this unsettling noise waking me from an awesome slumber. The alarm was to propel me out bed for an early morning track workout with Megan.

I needed the extra time to work through my morning routine and then make my way down to the PDS track.

Fast forward to PDS, Michelle, Megan, and I got in a good 4 miles of warm up before hitting the track just about daybreak.

The workout on tap was 3 sets of 4 x 400 with 200 recoveries between each interval and 400 between each set.

My first couple of intervals hit 80 seconds. Then, I ran an 81 second interval with Aaron running alongside.  From this point, I dropped them into the 79 second bracket. Then, it was into the 78 second bracket. The final two intervals I ran in 77 seconds.

By and far, this was the quickest that I have run a set of intervals since ’10 or ’11.

The next step is for me to download the results from my Garmin so I can look at the heart rates. This will tell me a lot about how much that I was venturing into the “red” on this morning.

David, Paul, and Aaron were also at the track rocking a different workout. I was only able to jump into one interval with them.

While they were doing a different workout, just having someone else on the track really helps with my workout. They don’t even have to be watching me. Just the fact that they might be spurs me to keep pushing.

One more week of standard intervals and then my training really changes up. On 5/27/14 starts our local summer track series at Myers Park. This year I am using it as a training baseline for the Ultimate Runner competition which I am doing at the end of June.  

Definitely feel like I am making progress.


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