Friday, May 23, 2014

Hincapie Gear

Recently, I was in TrySports and picked up their new TrySports cycling kit. Why pick up a new kit; you may ask? Well, this year they switched up venders and went with the Hincapie brand.  

Plus, I like the design on the kit. Sporting some new TrySports colors is always nice.

After work yesterday evening, I got my first chance to try out the jersey and bibs. Personally, I like a nice snug jersey. There is less loose material to catch in the wind while riding. I prefer the cycling bibs over the cycling shorts because the jersey’s pull up in the back when I am down in the drops. I guess I am little modest.

I am here to report no major issues with the gear. Both worked as expected during my ride. When looking for cycling shorts/bibs, I look at the seat. A lot of time is spent in the seat while riding so getting a pair of shorts or bibs with a comfortable fit is very important. I was very happy with it.

One change that I would like to see is a jersey that only half zips instead of the full zipper down the front. I just think this looks better and cleaner.  

Definitely try on the gear before buying it. The gear tends to run a little big. Normally, I wear a medium and in even a large. With the Hincapie gear, I am found that I needed a small and in one case an extra small.

I have a couple of more pieces to try out but it will have to wait until next week.


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