Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Track Wk #1 5/27/14

After weeks of anticipation, I was finally getting my feet back on the Myers Park track.  Those first few laps felt awesome.

As I have shared in previous post, I am using our local summer track meets to prepare for the Ultimate Runner Competition later this month.

On Tuesday, I put myself through my first real test for it. I wish I could say that my results were impressive but they were not. I felt like I was still a little hung-over from the trail race on Sunday. There was definitely some lingering soreness in both of my quads. It is all about taking what my body will give me. I still ran as hard as possible.

Luckily, I had a couple of running buddies willing to be on my race plan. Cory and Stan were doing all of the events with me.

First up, I ran the 100 meters in 18:43. Cory and Stan were seconds in front of me. My legs really don’t like sprinting anway.

Next up, I ran two heats of the mile: 5:19.23 and 5:36.65. I felt like I got out slower than I would have liked in the first heat, but I still seem to fall off quite a bit. The second heat felt easier but then, I guess it should. I was 17 seconds slower. There was about a 90 second break between the heats.

The 400 meter run came up next. I caught Stan between the 3rd and 4th turns. I felt like I was sprinting hard and was expecting him to come flying by me any second. The 74.04 time was still pretty decent for me.

The 800 was tough. I was 79 for the first quarter and 82 for the second quarter for a 2:41.36. I felt like this was where the wear and tear started to show up in my legs.

My 200 was pretty much the same as my 100 time just doubled - 37.67

We were finishing up the 200 as a storm was rumbling just north of the Myers Park area. The skies were threatening to soak us with rain. This caused the wind to blow into our faces heading down the backstretch. I am still trying to decide if this was a good or bad thing for the 2 mile. The head wind made me work harder, but certainly having a nice breezing blowing in my face felt good against the summer heat. I was pretty much running 90 second quarters until the last ½ mile when I dropped it down to 87s which explains my 11:54.02 time.

My goal for this summer track series is to break my 5:11 miles that I have posted the last two years. Considering how my legs felt last night and I still ran 5:19. I firmly believe a sub 5:11 is achievable. I have four more weeks to prove that I am right.

I would like to end this post my thanking Tim and his Run for Your Life crew for keeping this Summer Track alive. There was a time a few years ago when it might have disappeared from the Charlotte race scene. Tim stepped up and made it happen. We would all do well to remember it.

I also need to give Tom a big shout out. Track meets can easily drag on unless someone staying on top it. Tom did an excellent job keeping the events moving. No one appreciate it more than I do. Getting a break between events is nice but my body doesn’t respond well to extended breaks.

See you next Tuesday night.


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