Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Max Vo Test - Complete

Got my first Max Vo test last night at Queen’s University. Garrett – Caitlin’s husband is doing a study and looking for runners between 18 and 30 or 40+. Since I qualified in the latter group, I signed up.

The first step in the runner study was to get a Max Vo test performed which I did last night.

To set the stage, I delayed my running workout until yesterday evening. I didn’t know how much running that was involved during the test. Plus, I wanted to be as fresh as possible.

I arrived a few minutes early and completed their paperwork.
Then, it was time for the "test".
First, they strap on a face mask that looks little like what a fighter pilot might wear. By wearing this face mask, they could measure my oxygen content during the test. Then, they started me out on a small hill and basically at walking pace on their treadmill. Every three minutes they increased the steepness of the hill and increased the pace. I walk through the first two increases and started to run during the third increase. Initially, I tried walking during the third increase but the steepness of the hill and the pace are just fast enough that walking was not comfortable. Starting out I was able to talk through the face mask but by level three I am focused solely on the display. More effort required more concentration. In full disclosure I have only been on the treadmill for about seven minutes but the sweat is running down both sides of my face.

They tell me before we start that I can tap out anytime by grabbing on to the side bars. By level 20 on the incline, I am ready to tap out. My quads are burning and I am breathing heavily. About half way through I reach for the bars.

The entire test took less than 15 minutes. My Max Vo level was 59.9 and I was working at like 89% of my aerobic threshold.  

Later, I was thinking more about the test. I wish that I had asked more questions about the actual test. If I had known that we were going to jump right in to the test and the test was going to be so short, I would have went for a run prior to the test.

Assuming everyone went into it cold like I did then the results then we were all tested under the same conditions. However, I would like to know what my levels would be if my body was warm up and ready for this type of physical challenge. Maybe I will look into another test.  

Garrett still has openings for Masters runners so if you are interested, reach out to him at

Kinesiology Queens - queensrunnerstudy@gmail.com

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The Cool Down Runner

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