Monday, May 19, 2014

Max VO2 Calculator

Garrett’s runners study has generated lots of buzz during local runs and on FaceBook for the runners around the Charlotte area. Most runners understand that Max Vo2 is an important indicator of running performance. However, not everyone has access to testing equipment. 

There are other options for “guess-a-mating” one’s Max Vo2 value. A few Google searches yielded several websites that provide Max Vo2 calculators.

Most if not all of these sites use Jack Daniels’ formulas for calculating Max Vo2 values. Some factored in age. Some factored in body weight. Nearly all of the sites factored in a recent race to use as the base line.

Since I know my Max Vo from my recent test, I decided to compare it with the values coming out of these various calculators. I found the one on to be accurate for me. Here’s the link to their Max Vo2 Calculator page.

During my recent Max Vo2 test, my Max Vo2 value was 59.9.

Using my race time from the Wrightsville Beach half marathon of 1:18:00, I plugged these values into the Runners Web Max Vo2 calculator. The results were as follows:


·         VO2 at this pace

o   52.26 ml/kg/min (87.0% of max)

·         VO2 MAX

o   60.07 ml/kg/min


I choose this half marathon time because I felt this was my best effort given the conditions, training, and recovery. As you can see the results fall right in line with what I received during an actual test.

Everyone should know that numerous factors can effect race efforts: race course, temperature, recovery etc. While you can choose any race to do the estimation, try to use a race where the effort was your best. Avoid races having a warm temperature or you are not recovered for a good race. Almost assuredly your Max Vo2 values will be lower.


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