Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beach Blast 5k

Going to Albemarle is always a fun adventure for me. My frequent trips have allowed me meet and get to know many of the runners from the surrounding area.

Thus, there should be very little surprise when I loaded up my racing flats and headed off early Saturday morning to Stanley County.

The course has not changed since I first ran here back in ’07. Even if Peter didn’t mark the course, I would know it by heart.

There is a nasty hill around the first mile and then another about two and half miles into the race. Last year, I was lucky enough to bring home the win in 17:52.

I was hoping to do the same this year, but I also had to be honest with myself. My plate had been full in the week leading up to this race, and I had just raced 12 hours before.

Seth and I got out together and soon passed all of the other runners. On the first nasty hill, Seth opened a small gap on me. I was able to pull it back once we topped the hill. I kept pushing things until we hit the second nasty little hill. If there was anywhere for Seth to make a move, this would be it.

We are about ¾ of the way up the hill, and Seth makes a strong move. My legs were spent. The effort was just not in me to match his surge. He opens a gap as we crest the top of the hill. I try catching up on the downhill side but the gap is just too big and we are too evenly matched.  Seth wins in 17:47 to my 17:52.

This was a nice win for him. I know he has been working hard to improve and his efforts were reward nicely on Saturday morning.

I was also pretty happy with my run. I had finished second overall, and I also won the RRCA Masters 5k Championship. This was a nice little perk for all my efforts.

Peter, Vac & Dash, as well as all of the Uwharrie Running Club deserve a huge “Shout Out” for their efforts. A well run and well organized race is what draws runners back year after year. I look forward to many more Beach Blast 5ks for years to come.


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