Friday, March 21, 2014

Spartan Run is tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, my body will be straining to climb over stuff, under stuff, carry stuff, and otherwise doing a bunch of stuff that is normally not in my daily routine. Even on the boldest of days.  

Sunday if not Monday, my body will probably experience more soreness than was produced from my ½ marathon last weekend.

Such is life. We all like to challenge ourselves. I view this Spartan run as another way to challenge myself. Doing something different keeps life interesting.

In the back of everyone’s mind, we want, no we crave to be challenged.  Human nature needs it.

Most people struggle with one real question. How far am I willing to step outside my comfort zone? We all have one. We all wonder if the risk is greater than the reward. Most of the time, the reward is not a huge prize but the personal satisfaction from completing a difficult task and the rewarding experience from making the journey.

Yes, tomorrow, I will step outside my comfort zone. The butterflies will be bouncing around in my stomach at the start. But once committed, always committed.


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The Cool Down Runner

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