Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bean Town Boys - the last tempo

Dan, Mike, Adam, Billy, John and few others were doing their last tempo before heading off for the Boston Marathon in three weeks. I could resist the change to get out and do a few miles with them. They are all in super shape, and I suspect that they will do really well with their 26.2 mile pilgrimage to Boylston Street.

Me, I was just looking to get in my 16 miles and hopefully before the clouds opened up and dump rain across Charlotte.

Megan told me that she and Val were doing 10 miles at 7 minute. This was perfect for me. I figured to do 3 miles warm up and then 10 with them. I could do the last 3 mile solo if I needed.

There were a ton of people out this morning and they broke up into several groups. In full disclosure there were enough speedy souls to have won most any race in Charlotte this morning.

Megan, Val, and I are clicking a couple of sub 7s before hitting the hills of Landsdown. The pace slowed too just over 7 minute pace on the way back up to PDS. Then, we started our second loop. This time, we were not quite fast but we held study between 7:05 and 7:10 pace.

We finished up right around 70 minutes.

As we were finishing Megan asked if I was interested in going hard for 2 miles and then cooling down for 2 miles. Why not.  Getting in something a little faster might make for a better workout.

We hit the first mile in about 6:08 and then run the second mile in 5:59. Yeah, it was a little downhill but it still felt good to push hard.

And, from the looks of it, all of these guys had a good morning. The humidity was a little tough on them but the rain held off until just after we finished.

Keep your eye on them in three weeks. They are bound to have great runs.


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