Monday, March 17, 2014

Spartan Prep Week begins

I signed up for the Charlotte Spartan Run last week, and you would not believe the number of emails that they have been sending me. The emails run the gambit of topics. A lot of them pertain to training but some reference their clothing, videos, and the Spartan food of choice Quinoa.

I must say that I found this “whole” Spartan thing interesting. For those people who live the cross fit life style, the Spartan training life style is perfect. The allure of totally testing out your body and mind could draw any fitness nut into their world. Personally, I like the idea of total fitness. While my fitness centers on running, having a fit upper body makes me a stronger and better runner. I have a few reservations about the climbing over walls, ropes, and crawling through mud.  

Through this week I will be getting ready for Saturday. My own preparations have and will include watching videos from their events on YouTube and practicing such activities as Burpees. Yes, my one week of Spartan training will not prepare me adequately for what they have in store for me. Like I said, my goal is to finish in one piece and enjoy the experience. Plus, I want to at least look like I know what I am doing. The “key” world here is “look”.

It will be fun. At least I hope so.  LOL.


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