Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spartan Races

Via stories from other runners, Spartan races have the reputation for being insanely hard. Flipping huge tires, climbing walls, crawling through mud is this really having a good time. Some people might say yes.

Doing one of these races just hasn’t been my radar. After all, I run every day. I cannot recall but it has been a long time since I last had to climb over a wall during one of my runs. I did get a plenty of mud on me during my last run at McAlpine. However, I suspect it doesn’t begin to compare with the amount of mud taken on during a Spartan race.

So why am I talking about the Spartan races? Well, this week my buddies at TrySports invited me to join them for an upcoming Spartan race here in Charlotte.

When the invite came out, I laughed. But as I thought more about it, why not try it.

Runners have a warped sense of what fun really is anyway.LOL.

So I signed up.

What is my goal for the race? The answer is easy. I want to finish and without hurting myself.
Maybe the real first clue that this is a hard race comes during the registration process. The checkout page list a line item for insurance and tells me that it is required. $14 bucks for this insurance. I have run quite a few races over my many years of running. Never have I bought insurance for a race.

Spartan races are more about the experience and challenging yourself to do something different and difficult. I want to believe this is the primary reason that people do them. I like to step outside my norm from time to time. This Spartan race should qualify.


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