Friday, March 14, 2014

Off to the races this weekend

Well, just about four weeks have passed since my Myrtle Beach ½ marathon. I don’t need to remind you what a day that was. There was a driving rain right up to the start which was followed by one ugly head wind during the race.

This weekend Wrightsville Beach ½ marathon is on my plate. To get ready for it, I have been watching the weather forecast. If the weatherman is right, there will be 100% chance of rain on Sunday morning and 13 mph wind to face. Oh yeah, the temperature is expected to be a nice warm 52 degrees.

Enough is enough. I am starting to believe Mother Nature has it in for me. When I look back at Charleston, the conditions were just as tough. The temperature was in the lower 30s, but the wind was about as harsh as it can get.

Maybe I am expecting too much to expect anything different.

I ran 1:19 at Myrtle Beach and I am pretty sure that I didn’t get my best effort. My hope is to go 1:18 at Wrightsville Beach. Who really knows? I will wake up Sunday morning and run what I run.

Maybe my legs will finally show up.

One thing is for sure. I will be packing a few extra trash bags for race morning.


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