Monday, March 24, 2014

Montrail Shoe Test Run

Saturday morning, I got a chance to test out the Montrail Fluid Flex trail shoe on an actual trail run. Often we, as runners, buy our shoes on faith and a few strides through one of our local Charlotte running stores or possibly worse, we buy them on totally blind faith over the internet. Latter being the worse one could do but this is for another blog post.

Marcus and Dan, from TrySports, were the organizers for our demo run, and I am very appreciative to them.

Before Saturday, I had never run in any Montrail shoe.  Getting to make a circuit on the trails at Beatty in Weddington was really.

The Fluid Flex shoe felt light and nimble. Only in a few instances did I ever feel any rocks underneath my feet.

This particular shoe has a rather snug fit. A size 11.5 could have easily fit my foot in length, but the size 12 gave me a better overall fit. The first thing that I noticed was Montrail shoes tend toward the narrow side. For runners with a narrow mid foot, they would be perfect. My feet are a little wider so in order to get a good fit; I had to go up a ½ size.

Dan and Rick were in my little run group. Pretty much the entire hour and nearly 8 miles flew by with lots of good conversation about shoes, injuries, running, and philosophy. Dan is a philosophy major.

If you are interested in checking out the Montrail shoes, definitely reach out to Dan at the TrySports in Blakeney. You might even talk them into another test run.


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