Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hoka One/One Stinson Tarmac

“Word” really started circulating last year about the Hoka running shoes. The first pair that I encountered, I thought they made the runner look two inches taller. The shoe’s outward appearance left every runner knowing that there was plenty of cushioning between the runner’s feet and the ground.

Fast forward to this year, runners everywhere seem to be talking about these shoes. Several firsthand accounts told of the difference that these shoes made with their running.

Trying a pair of them hadn’t been on my radar until my buddies at TrySports hooked me up with a pair of the Stinson Tarmac. TrySports now carries the entire Hoka shoe in their Charlotte stores.

From my first stride, there was clearly a difference in this shoe’s ride.

Most my people know that my training program contains loads of mileage and has numerous runs in excess of 20 miles. Near the end of these long runs my feet are usually pretty beat up.

My first run in the Tarmac was for seven miles. This was just to test them out and see how they felt. My second run was for 14 miles. To my surprise, my feet felt much better over the last few miles. Next up will be an 18 to 20 mile run. If my suspicions are correct, my feet will be much happier.
The Hoka running shoes come in two lines: trail and road and range in price from $130 to $170.
One might think these shoes were much heavier given the additional cushioning but the Tarmac weigh in at just 11.9 oz. This is pretty much inline with other running shoes in my collection.

Now, some of you may still be turning a questioning or sarcastic eye at them. But give them a try. Go into TrySports and do a test run in them. Then, decided for yourself.


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