Sunday, December 11, 2011

TrySports Ambassador Team Social

Social are occasions for seeing new faces, old faces, and faces that I really need to remember. On Thursday night, we had a little social gathering for our Ambassador team. Some of them I see on a regular basis because they are either work at TrySports or run races. But there is always a few that I may have only met once a few years ago.

When this happens, I have to reintroduce myself and then apologize for not recalling the last time we met. This makes me wish that I had prefect memory recall.

But our social was good with lots of stories told, good food eaten, and a good time had by all.

Having socials are also good for another reason as well. Most of these people have only seen me in my running or cycling attire so a change in venue gives me an opportunity to see other people dressed for their day jobs.

One of the shows my daughters like to watch is "What not to wear". The show transforms people who normally dress down to being dressed up. Usually, the transformation is significant.

This is how I view these socials. Take away the running shorts and singlet and replace them with a dress or jacket/dockers and I am left wondering who this charming person is. Fortunately, I am bright enough to quickly realize who it is – at least in most cases.


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