Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Front loading the week

The biggest holiday of the year is almost upon us and means time for family, food, watching TV, and above all resting.

For runners rest really only happens at two times in our lives. We are either injured or died. Injured can mean valuable rest that leads to a new PR. The latter of which there is no return, but just leads to one long extended rest.

Therefore in Holiday spirit, there will be no missed runs this week, but Saturday, Sunday, and perhaps Monday will be recovery days.

To make them true recovery days, the first few days of this week are being frontloaded. This means lots and lots of miles.

The miles will not necessarily be hard. The miles will not be unnecessarily long. There will just be a buildup which then justifies giving the body some downtime over the weekend.

For everyone out there running now, bulk up on the miles over the next few days and then enjoy a nice recovery during the weekend.


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