Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marathon Taper and Going to the Dentist

First, I am not saying that going to the Dentist is a bad thing or that it hurts, but for some reason it is something that I dread doing. And the waiting leading up to the appointment only gives me the time more time to think about what they will find i.e cavities and so forth.

How is that like a marathon taper? Well, this is how I draw the comparison. After months of running, running, and running, I am now find myself with loads of extra time before a big appointment – Sunday morning. I cannot do a whole without risking something that would hurt my marathon effort. Thus, I am left to set around and think about it.

Meaning I have tons of time to wonder: should have done more speed work, more tempos, more long runs, or worse I have done too many hard workouts and will I be too tired on race.

Too much time allows for an idle mind and an idle mind just leads me to worry too much.


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