Monday, September 13, 2010

103 running and 158 riding

The last time my mileage topped 100 miles, I was 21 years old. I had never run 100 miles in a week before and wanted to learn how it felt. All I remember from that experience, it seemed like all that I did was run. Ironically, this is the same feeling that surrounded me all of last week.

Going out the door in the morning to get in as many miles as possible and then follow it with a ride in the evening.

Here's a sampling of the running miles:

Monday, I covered 24 miles with Nathan and Jon on the greenway.

Tuesday, I was solo for 11 miles

Wednesday, I ran 12 mile fartlek work 6 x 4 minutes with 4 x 1 minutes.

Thursday, I hooked up with Nathan for 10 miles plus 10 mile Tabata workout

Friday was 7 miles easy with a Tabata workout.

Saturday, well Saturday was 28 miles of running with a 12 mile tempo in the center.

Sunday, Nathan and I hooked up for another 10 miles.

But this was my last big week before heading into Twin Cities.


Here's a sampling of the biking miles:

Monday – off

Tuesday – 36 miles

Wednesday – 30 miles

Thursday – 40 miles

Friday – 30 miles

Saturday - off

Sunday – 22 miles

This makes me kind of glad that this was my last big mileage week before starting my Twin Cities taper. Now, there is less worry about accumulating a lot distance while keeping the focus squarely on intensity.


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Nathan said...

I said it before MB in February, and I'll say it again now: you're ready. You've put in the work, you've battled through the freak accidents, you've stayed strong. TCM is going to be a great experience.