Monday, June 15, 2015

Volition America ½ Marathon Course preview run

On Saturday morning, I got a chance to do a course preview run for the Volition American ½ marathon coming this fall with Dennis, Whitney, Jim, and Todd from the Mooresville, NC Charlotte Running Company store.

We started from the Food Lion on Brawley School Rd and headed toward the lake. The course is basically of an out and back design with three little neighborhood loops to flush out the full 13.1 miles.

They are advertising it as one of the flattest courses around Charlotte. If you want to compare it with any of the following ½ marathons: Racefest, Corporate Cup, Thunder Road, Huntersville 1/2 , then I would say this one is pretty flat.

Based on what I experienced Saturday the first say 6 to 7 miles are flat to downhill. Now, there were a couple rises, but they were hardly noticeable. Returning, there is nothing really steep, but there are several sections where you have a long slightly uphill grind. As our conversation floated from one topic to the next, we even talked about whether it would be better to push hard doing the first 6 to 7 miles trying to bank some time or run conservative to have the strength to push on the up hills. Of the group, we were kind of split on which strategy would work best.

They already have close to 500 registered and are hoping to have over 2000 by race day.

Personally, I have penciled the Volition American Half Marathon in on my calendar. Between Dennis, Whitney, and Todd, this is going to be one whale of a race. I recommend you do so as well.


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